At BRAINSOFT CONSULTANTS We Provide Two Major Type of Services to Our Client Companies :


Permanent Staffing gives you direct access to top-notch. We actively find & provides talented candidates with right skill for your permanent posts, who can work for your success along with you for long term. Our recruiting experts find well experienced candidates for your firm or company. As you know it is most relevent & less time consuming way to find right canditates for your company. Our recruiters build different strategies as per your business objectives to locate the best candidate to meet your objectives.


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Utilising Our Services Can Actually Save You Time & Money

  • Mostly the requirements do not need to be advertised, saving you money spent in advertising
  • Time spent on reading resumes of and interviewing unqualified and undesirable candidates is eliminated
  • The majority of resumes that we provide our clients conform to standard format clients have found informative and comprehensive.
  • We can identify the best candidates through a national search
  • Interviews with suitable candidates can be set up at 10 days notice in the city of your choice across the country
  • Our professional fee is due only when you hire someone we have presented


  • We are not just a recruitment agency. Our business is built upon trust and respect in the business place, cultivated over the years by developing relationships with key people in the industry.
  • Our clients confide in us about senior openings quite often even before people in the company know about it
  • Our clients confide in us about their business, clients & employees, since we do not undertake any business, which could result in a conflict of interest with our clients' business interest
  • We provide generalized feedback to our clients, where we find that certain policy changes are resulting in demoralization in the organization
  • We can assist in outplacement necessary due to changing business environment
  • We never charge our candidates